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November 10, 2022
ready to free up your time with Hows My Rental

Ready to Free up your time

Ready to free up you time with How's My Rental

Justin successfully has been self-managing his 4-unit multi-family apartment complex. Each tenant gets one designed parking spot with their unit. Property management is one of his income streams. Justin is a successful insurance advisor in the city. He has a lengthy commute, works long hours, and has other responsibilities. He only has a little availability to conduct routine Property assessments (which isn’t working for his tenants’ schedules). Justin hired How’s My Rental to help plan and conduct semi-annual Property inspections. He also provided our contact information to his tenants so that if they observe any lease violation activities in the common areas, he can obtain a documented report and promptly address the issue with the responsible party.

With Justin as our client this past year, we have conducted regularly scheduled property assessments on all his units. We had to conduct drive-by inspections because of reported garbage in the parking lot. One tenant complained that his neighbor posted business signs in this window (only campaign signs during elections are allowed). We notified Justin, and he approved our drive-by inspections.

If you are looking to free up your valuable time and resources to improve your business process. How’s My Rental can help you with clear, detailed, and organized reports available in multiple formats for efficient record keeping.

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