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April 25, 2022

Lydia’s Story – How’s My Rental Customer Experience

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Lydia's Story

Lydia lived in her rental home for a few years. It had a list of ongoing pending work orders that were not being taken care of. The house was very outdated but in a great neighborhood.

The housing provider (landlord) was on a fixed income and didn’t have the funds to repair it. Some of the issues were becoming safety concerns. Lydia decided to submit her notice to vacate early.

The housing provider came to do a pre-move-out inspection. Lydia noticed he wasn’t documenting some of the safety hazards like exposed electrical wires, broken light fixtures on the patio, and the rolling-up carpet in the living room. Lydia didn’t know his reasoning but wanted to take precautions. She called How’s My Rental to complete an assessment for her records.

Ready to Schedule a Rental Inspection?

How’s My Rental is a management company that specializes in facilitating the inspection process. Our team of professionals will schedule your rental inspection and make sure you have the most accurate report possible.

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