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April 26, 2022
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Lance & Janie’s Story – How’s My Rental Customer Experience

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Lance and Janice Family - customer experience

Lance & Janie's Story

Lance, Janie, and their children were scheduled to move into a duplex. The housing provider was a sweet older lady named Ms.Walters. Before Lance and Janie moved in while walking the property they noticed some wear and tear in the property; old carpet, some broken blinds, and holes in the walls (from the previous tenants). The rent amount was too good to pass up in this rental market.

Ms. Walters was not very organized, tech-savvy, and a bit forgetful and didn’t feel the need to complete a pre-move-in inspection. Lance and Janie felt uneasy and wanted to make sure they weren’t held responsible for any existing damages later. They called us to complete a thorough property assessment to document the properties existing condition and help protect their deposit.

Ready to Schedule a Rental Inspection?

How’s My Rental is a management company that specializes in facilitating the inspection process. Our team of professionals will schedule your rental inspection and make sure you have the most accurate report possible.

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