Home Owners!

What’s my house’s current condition assessment?

Are you on the fence about figuring out what your next move in the real estate market will be?  Are you looking for some information without the official commitment to a real estate or property management company?  How’s My Rental has a new product to determine “ Is My House Ready?” that can offer insight into current market conditions and much more to decide which option is best for you.  


Condition Assessments

We provide tools that help you make intelligent decisions for your future, whether choosing to sell your home or rent it out, what will be the most cost-effective option for your long term.

  • Pre-sale Condition Assessment Report is $100.00 (Before listing your home on the market).
  • Pre-rent Condition Assessment Report is $150.00 (Before your house can become a rental, there are housing & Safety guidelines to review).

What we cover?

The reports are organized and easy to follow about the interior & exterior of the property. We provide maintenance and repair recommendations to help curb appeal and compliance standards. We also provide valuable data on market comparables’ and a property rent evaluation analysis.


choose us?

We want to help you increase your bottom line, and our reports can help pave the way for better decisions. We hold high standards in client confidentiality and ensure that our team is professional, courteous, and respectful. Furthermore, we have many years of combined industry experience working with property owners. Give us a call to schedule your property condition assessment today!





Move In Move Out Condition Assesments

Move In/Out Assesments

How’s My Rental’s move-in, move-out rental property inspection reports provide unbiased third-party documentation, freeing up your time.

Rental Property MidLease Condition Assesment

Mid-Lease Assessments

If you don’t want the headache of carrying out a mid-term inspection – otherwise known as a mid-term report or property inspection – leave it to us instead.

Property Drive By Condition Assesments

Drive-By Assessments

How’s My Rental offers impartial drive-by property assessments. Meaning you can get on with the other more pressing, revenue-generating tasks.



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