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January 3, 2022
How's My Rental - condition inspection report

What Can A Condition Assessment Report Do For Me? Our Services Explained

As a housing provider (landlord), it can be stressful to wonder what kind of condition your rental property is in while people are living in it. However, you lead a busy life and don’t have time to stop and check on it. Our team at How’s My Rental understands that you have better things to do than constantly check in on your property, and that’s where our team comes in! Learn more about what a condition assessment report can do for you and contact How’s My Rental for rental management today!

Document Your Property’s Condition at Move-In and Move-Out

In order to evaluate how your tenants treated your property during the duration of their lease agreement, it’s important to document how things look before they move in. Our team at How’s My Rental will complete an assessment before the tenants move in, making note of any current damage, and then again at move-out. We will document any and all damage or changes throughout the property that occurred while they were living there.

move-out property condition assessment - How's My Rental Condition Assessments Explained

Mid-Lease Benchmark Reporting

How's My rental Condition Assessments Explained
It can be stressful to have to wait until a lease agreement is up before checking on your property. Instead, our team at How’s My Rental can provide you with mid-lease benchmark reporting to determine the condition of your property while tenants are still under their lease agreement. Now, you can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that your property is in good shape during any lease!

Exterior-Only Drive-By Assessments

The exterior of your house is the first thing people notice, so it’s important to ensure your tenants are keeping it in good condition. At How’s My Rental, our team offers drive-by assessments that do not involve the tenant. We will take a look at the outside of your property to ensure that nothing stands out.
How's My Rental Team - Property Condition Assessments Explained

Document and Handle Lease Violations

tenancy agreement - How's My Rental Condition Assessments Explained

Dealing with lease violations as a housing provider can be extremely stressful, especially if you’ve got other things going on. That’s why our team of experts will handle any lease violations for you.

Find Rental Management Services Today

Managing a rental as a housing provider (landlord) is stressful. There are many considerations that you have to take into account to ensure that your property remains in good condition and that your tenants are satisfied. Our team at How’s My Rental can handle all your rental management needs, including a condition assessment report, so you can have time to focus on everything else life throws your way. Learn more and reach out to us today!

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