Housing Provider!


How’s My Rental is an innovative program that offers housing providers (landlords) convenient solutions for completing the necessary rental property conditions reports, move-out, and move-in inspections etc.

Our inspections are unbiased and meticulous to ensure the safety of occupants and the longevity of your property. We strive to save our clients time, so you can focus on what matters the most to you.

Do you have great tenants in place?

They are reliable with rent payments and haven’t submitted any work orders for the last two years. You haven’t felt the need to check up on your rental unit’s condition. One day your tenants call to inform you that the A.C. unit is no longer working. You send a technician to investigate the issue; he informs you that the tenants are hoarders living in unsanitary conditions. The A.C. unit failed because of items stacked around it. This scenario could have been prevented with a completed routine rental property conditions assessment to ensure the filter and other preventative maintenance tasks were completed. Now you are dealing with a potentially bigger problem…


In and Move Out

Condition Assessments

Whether you have tenants moving in or out of your property or you received a neighbor complaint that sparked some concern, we offer a variety of types of property assessments to meet your needs as a housing provider (landlord). You want to ensure your rental property has no potential safety hazards, lease violations, or other deficiencies. As a neutral third-party, we provide housing providers (landlords) with detailed, organized reports for the best record-keeping practice. To help prevent a tenant/ housing provider (landlord) dispute, maintaining proper reports with supporting documentation (pictures, G.P.S. tracking) is crucial.

When you need to

save time

and find the peace of mind in your home, it is time to leave it to the pros. Our team of professionals will assess your home and make a detailed report freeing you of time and getting the peace of mind that you desserve.

A Move-out inspection helps you

document your Rental Condition

You may not be aware, but tenants are required to keep their property clean and presentable. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that 40% of home fires start in the living room, family room, or den. When was the last time you stepped into your rental property? Our rental property reports can help protect you in legal disputes. We offer inspections on all types of properties to save you time and money.



We have many years of experience in the industry and can help identify potential problems with your rental property (ies) or tenants. Furthermore, we want to simplify your inspection process and offer you peace of mind and flexibility.


  • Records a detailed before and after of the property’s interior and exterior
  • Protects the housing provider (landlord), homeowner, and tenant
  • Means no more quarrels over security deposits
  • Displays a point-in-time condition of the property and more!





Move In Move Out Condition Assesments

Move In/Out Assesments

How’s My Rental’s move-in, move-out rental property inspection reports provide unbiased third-party documentation, freeing up your time.

Rental Property MidLease Condition Assesment

Mid-Lease Assessments

If you don’t want the headache of carrying out a mid-term inspection – otherwise known as a mid-term report or property inspection – leave it to us instead.

Property Drive By Condition Assesments

Drive-By Assessments

How’s My Rental offers impartial drive-by property assessments. Meaning you can get on with the other more pressing, revenue-generating tasks.



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