Have you been in a situation where your client was not prepared and didn’t have a Tenant move-in or move-out inspection/property assessment completed? Could your thoughts on the situation have been resolved faster or would the verdict have been more favorable to your clients? This is an all too familiar situation in which attorneys have voiced their frustration to us. This is where How’s My Rental can help your firm.

How's My Rental

Can Help

Your Firm!

We have an educational series on the importance of completing rental property assessments/inspections that are beneficial to tenants and housing providers (landlords). If your clients, for reasons of their own, have a lack of experience, knowledge, or technology limitations, we offer detailed reports with photos covering the interior and exterior areas of the rental property. We have many years of combined industry experience working in property management.

Hows My Rental Inspection Report for tenants

The Benefits

of Partnering

with Us

We understand the common frustrations on both sides, but the benefit of partnering with us is we are a neutral third party that is unbiased and has no emotional ties to the property. Our focus is on identifying safety hazards and housing regulations. We access property wear and tear and other irregularities and neglect. If the property is in great condition we note that as well.

Our reports are GPS-tracked and simple to read. Our Reports are not home/pest inspections. We do not go in crawl spaces or attics. We are not certified to identify types of mold or other potentially hazardous exposures. Follow-up home inspections, pest inspections, chemical, and mold assessments may be needed by certified inspectors in those areas.


Your Partner...

We want to be your go-to source for rental property move-in & move-out inspections. We hold high standards in client confidentiality and ensure that our team is professional, courteous, and respectful. Give us a call to discuss your client’s needs and we can create a customized plan for your office.





Move In Move Out Condition Assesments

Move In/Out Assesments

How’s My Rental’s move-in, move-out rental property inspection reports provide unbiased third-party documentation, freeing up your time.

Rental Property MidLease Condition Assesment

Mid-Lease Assessments

If you don’t want the headache of carrying out a mid-term inspection – otherwise known as a mid-term report or property inspection – leave it to us instead.

Property Drive By Condition Assesments

Drive-By Assessments

How’s My Rental offers impartial drive-by property assessments. Meaning you can get on with the other more pressing, revenue-generating tasks.



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