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April 25, 2022

Arielle’s Story – How’s My Rental Customer Experience

Are you moving out?
Be proactive and protect your deposit.

Arielle Carpenter - Tenant

Arielle's Story

After months of frustration from unresolved work orders, Arielle decided to start looking for a new place to live. After a few weeks she found a nice studio located downtown. She started the rental process and was approved.

She notified her housing provider (landlord) with her move out date. The housing provider was very displeased. He threatened to keep Arielle’s deposit out of spite. Arielle was very clean and kept her apartment pristine. She knew she had to do something to protect herself and her deposit.

She reached out to How’s my Rental for help. We completed a pre-move out inspection for her apartment that provided a detailed report and proof she kept her apartment in superb condition and deserved her whole deposit back. Arielle was relieved.

Ready to Schedule a Rental Inspection?

How’s My Rental is a management company that specializes in facilitating the inspection process. Our team of professionals will schedule your rental inspection and make sure you have the most accurate report possible.

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