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Our Story

How’s My Rental was built to be a property management company with passion and purpose. Our passion comes from a desire to advance the industry, which our family has been a part of since 1946. After managing thousands of properties, we recognize the importance of performing property inspections efficiently and effectively. After all, routine inspections help prevent big problems down the road and are the blueprint of the condition of any property.

As a member of the industry, we have depended on technology to enhance our services to our clients and perfected our systems over the years. Now, we are excited to share it with all, as our third-party solution for inspecting rental properties aims to be an industry standard.

This brings us to our purpose, which at the core is you, our customers. With our technology solution, we help to make every housing provider (landlord) feel like a VIP, as we build relationships rooted in transparency, professionalism, and passion. While we use technology to bring fair, transparent assessments to the rental industry, our primary focus will remain our customers.

As we continue to grow our company, our objective will remain the same: to help housing providers (landlords) take control of their rental business with property management solutions that provide peace of mind. Property management is as popular as ever. With more and more people investing in real estate, we need an industry standard for proper reporting and documentation. We are proud to contribute to the industry by staying on the cutting edge of developments in technology, to assure that it continues to evolve. Our third-party solution contributes positively to our customers’ wants and responds to a greater industry need for transparent rental property inspections.

How’s My Rental is a software provider, but above all, it’s a solution for property managers with the potential to revolutionize the industry for the better; and it’s just the beginning — welcome.

Hows My Rental property condition assessments
property condition assessments


The How’s My Rental vision is rooted in a future where easy and efficient property management is an industry standard. Through our experience and dedication, we are proud to provide trusted solutions to our clients, while implementing new standards for the entire industry to uphold.

Mission Statement

How’s My Rental is dedicated to helping housing providers (landlords) take control of their rental business with property condition assesmsent solutions that provide peace of mind. Through the use of state of the art software, we aim to bring fair and transparent assessments to the rental industry. Property management has been our family business for generations. With decades of experience, we recognize the importance of inspecting and reviewing properties efficiently and effectively. In an industry where peace of mind and security is everything, you can trust How’s My Rental knowing we provide property management solutions with passion and experience.

Our Values


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