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You want to make sure that your rental property is in the best shape possible. But, you don’t have the time or expertise to manage it yourself. That’s where we come in. We’re a team of professionals who are ready and able to manage your rental property and provide you with the reports and photos you need to keep things running smoothly.

Condition assessment

Unbiased 3rd-Party Reports and Photos

You have other things to worry about, and the How’s My Rental team is happy to ensure that you have the photos and reports you need to control your property/rental condition.

Protects the housing provider (landlord), Homeowner, and Tenant

We conduct a comprehensive inspection and record the condition of your property and deliver a detailed record of your property, providing you with maximum protection.

Property Condition Assessments

Take control of your property condition and avoid any security deposit disputes or property condition concerns. Enjoy unmatched peace of mind along the way.


 Rental Lease Violations happen a lot. If you’ve had the misfortune of a tenant breaking a requirement in their lease agreement, we can help.

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property condition assessments specifically designed for tenants who seek peace of mind while renting


As a tenant, you typically have to complete a move-in inspection checklist. You want to make sure that you are not held responsible for any existing damages.

home owner

Housing Provider

When you need to save time, it is time to leave it to the pros. Our team will assess your home and make a detailed report giving you the peace of mind you desserve.



If your clients, have a lack of experience, knowledge, or technology limitations, we offer detailed reports with photos covering the interior and exterior areas of the property.

property manager

Property Manager

How’s my Rental offers property managers convenient solutions for various types of assessments that are completed efficiently, with detailed organized reports.




I called How’s My Rental to help me with a move in inspection, they were very kind and professional. They reviewed every single place in the house and found damages that I was not aware of. I shared the final report with the renter helping me save money and future hassles! Thank you Hows My Rental!

Jaxs Story
Jax Student / Tenant

I recommend Hows My Rental for rental inspections, it saved me a lot of money! It was surprising for me to know all the hidden issue my rental had. Their inspector sent me the report to my phone, which I shared with the property owner, helping me prevent future expenses.

Arielle Carpenter - Tenant
Arielle C Tenant

Upon moving to my new apartment, I realized there were safety issues and a concerning condition of the rental specially in the electrical system. I looked for many days for a solution to help me document and show proof of this issue. I found Hows My Rental on FB and decided to give them a try. I am truly satisfied with the outcome, they came over to my house and documented very well the situation. Getting a solution for my problem was a simple as an email. They sent the condition report to me and I shared with the property manager who has been addressing all the issues since then. I am not a person of sharing many testimonials but I think, in this time, I truly found value in a service, specially because it helped me save money and solved many of my disputes with my property manager.

How’s My Rental has created Move-in and Move-out rental condition assessments that record every single square feet of the rental. The proof you need to protect your rental deposit at your fingertips.
Lydia M Tenant

My husband and I were planing to move in to a duplex but I had some doubts about it. When we were shown the property for the first time, it was virtually and I wanted to make sure we were going to move to a safe house. I decided to contact hows my rental to check on the property condition, luckily the report shared pointed that minor repairs were needed. We talked with the property owner and showed him the report, she was surprised xD, but she wanted to make sure we were moving safely. the repairs were completed on time and me and my family moved to safer home thanks to you guys!

Lance and Janice Family - customer experience
Lance and Janie Tenants



Move in and move out

Move In/Out Assesments

How’s My Rental’s move-in, move-out rental property inspection reports provide unbiased third-party documentation, freeing up your time.

Mid-lease assessment

Mid-Lease Assessments

If you don’t want the headache of carrying out a mid-term inspection – otherwise known as a mid-term report or property inspection – leave it to us instead.

Drive-by consition assessment

Drive-By Assessments

How’s My Rental offers impartial drive-by property assessments. Meaning you can get on with the other more pressing, revenue-generating tasks.





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